We are a team of former business colleagues who were working for the same company for almost up to 16 years, however, widely distributed on three continents.


Our work had sent us on thousands of trips to almost every corner on earth. Apart from our business work we had the opportunity and pleasure to visit and meet places, cultures and people of huge differences.


But what we shared with most of them was always the respect to other attitudes, habits and achievements. During these occasions we have learned and found many nice things we helped us a lot to improve quality of life. And we really would never like to miss these experiences again.


With euro-mundo we are now trying to enable other people who have not yet got the opportunity to make these experiences on their own to follow us on our path of discoveries and add positive touches to their daily life.


It is our goal to provide carefully selected jewels of nature to people who share our view of the important things in life which help to improve our health and well-being but which also have been produced in an ecological friendly way.

About us

About us

German origin, PHD from University of Aachen, Germany; loves good food, nature and music; lives in Germany and Spain

Juergen Seidenberg

Luis Dos Santos

Portuguese origin, residing in JHB South Africa. Keen traveler and avid golfer. Has a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and the rewards that emanate from travelling into different regions of the globe.

Li Dan

Chinese origin, MBA from Beijing University, China; loves travelling, meeting poeple; lives in Beijing