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Our blue planet is full of wonders and surprises which deserve to be known and available to all people who respect and appreciate what nature offers to make our life memorable.


Some of these local treasures are not yet available to many people who very likely will identify the uniqueness what has been developed on certain soils of planet oils during probably hundred of years planting and growing.


One very special creature is the olive tree which is widely growing around the Mediterranean Sea. It represents a species which is characterized by highest resilience and durability against even extreme climate conditions while still producing amazing fruits.

Olive tree variants






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An oil with fruity touches, especially of apples, almonds and banana, a little sweet without any bitterness or spiciness.

Highly recommended for vegetables (fresh or cooked) and fish (steamed or grilled).
and most suitable for delicate dishes (sauces, pastries...).

Intense, very aromatic and reminiscent flavor of ripe fruits, with a slight bitterness and a little spiciness.

Since it withstands high temperatures in cooking it is also recommended for meats, stews and fried foods.

A high amount of polyphenols and oleocanthal makes this oil highly recommended for people applying a Mediterranean diet.

Medium intense fruity flavor with an aftertaste of almonds. The sweet predominates the slight touch of bitterness and a moderate spiciness. It´s recommended for raw recipes such as salad dressings, breakfasts and appetizers, marinating seafood and fish, as an accompaniment to creams and soups, and for sautéing pasta.

A very intense oil with bitter and spicy touches and a flavor with notes of wood, banana and freshly cut grass.

It is one of the most stable to oxidation and rancidity, ideal for frying, slow cooking stews or as a preservative for sausages, meats and cheeses.

Olive oil is used especially in Mediterranean cooking for 3 different reasons:



Depending on the variant of olive oil the taste can be selected between a very mild, almost sweet oil with a fruity touch up to a pretty slightly bitter taste.


Cooking performance:

Certain variants keep their excllent properties even at high temperatures as applied for frying food. Extra virgin olive oil even outperforms coconut oil as well as many other oils in this regard.


Health considerations:

The so-called Mediterranean Diet has been of great interest to researchers since it seems to contain many aspects of a more healthy life. Researchers have shown that olive oil can help improve insulin sensitivity, reduce the incidence of diabetes and control blood sugar. It also has many other functions, such as protect the cardiovascular system, prevent arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis complications, hypertension, heart disease, heart failure, renal failure, cerebral hemorrhage etc. These properties are due to the high extent of polyphenols such as tyrosol and hydroxytryrosol, ocelocanthal and oleuropein. All of them are present in different quantities in variants of olives.


The four subsequently carefully selected variants cover the whole range of mentioned properties with individual emphasis on certain items: